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So for my informative speech im choosing to talk about tennis because its a cool sport and its something i really enjoy doing. so im just gonna tell a little on how to get started and buy a racket and what makes tennis so awesome and how to become a great tennis player. so the first thing is you need to apply a tennis racket. there are a lot of different variations in the size and weight of the tennis rackets. so the basic concept is, when you get some type of perk in a tennis racket, you are always sacrificing something else, which is usually the control. To go over a few things like the head size, which is the round part of the tennis racket,you know on top there is a over-size, a mid-size and the small-head size. the over-size is obviously easier to hit, a bigger hit spot but you sacrifice control as you don't have much control. Also the weigh and the length, the more weight you have, the less control you will have over the tennis racket but you get more power overall. Also the string tension, which is basically almost the same idea. the tighter the strings are, is the less power you will have but the more over-all controll that you get. thats why when u buy a tennis racket, you need to get the right measurements based on depending wether u are a beginner or not. so the next thing is once u have a tennis racket is why do you want to play tennis, why is tennis a good sport? first of all, there is a lot of running in tennis, more than other sports because your feet are always moving and you end up running a lot. Its a great excersice. another reason that tennis is awesome, is because, mmm your alone in the court, its not a team sport. if you like motivating yourself and not having to deal with your teammates mistakes, thats another perk about tennis. and well simply because tennis is a lot of fun and i see a lo tof people who pick up tennis and they

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