Informative Essay: The First Crusade

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The First Crusade During the 11th century, there generally were not any problems. Everything was in a very peaceful state. At this point in history the people had no idea that they would be a part of something so much bigger than anyone would have expected. ( The crusaders were a group of Christians that got together to make an army. Every one of the crusaders was dedicated to recapturing the holy land of Jerusalem. Crusaders wore a red cloth that was cut out in the shape of a cross. This was then stitched onto their clothing. As the historylearningcite article wrote, “The name “Crusaders” came from the Latin word “crux” which meant “cross”. This was a reference to the biblical ruling that good Christians always carry a cross.”…show more content…
This very day was when the first crusade began. He proposed that the crusaders should march to the rescue of the East. Everyone from rich to poor should march and fight in a war for what they believed in. This war was never to be forgotten. The crusaders had a strong belief that God would lead them to victory. Everyone in the crowd was excited and rallied behind the Pope. As soon as the Pope delivered his speech a bishop named Le Puy dropped to his knees and begged to join the “Holy Expedition”. There were a ton of people in the crowd that followed his example. Every man involved with the expedition was told to show their dedication by wearing a cross. All of the crusaders vowed to go to war to take back Jerusalem. Everyone was supposed to be ready to leave on August 15th. The armies met in Constantinople. After everyone arrived the Pope made it very clear that the church had full control of the Crusade. The Pope then appointed Bishop Le Puy as their leader. This was the beginning of a great movement. The Crusaders’ Journey to the Middle East wasn’t easy. They had a difficult journey. The Crusaders were unable to travel on the Mediterranean Sea because they didn’t have control of the ports in the Middle East. So instead they decided that they would have to travel by land. As the article stated, “They travelled from France through
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