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Jersey I am from the best state in the whole USA, New Jersey. New Jersey is located on the East coast of the United States. But, many people do not know that there is a country call Jersey. Jersey is located in Western Europe. Jersey is the largest and the southern most island of the Channel Islands. The absolute location of Jersey is 49°11’24.06”N, 2°6’36”W. The relative location is about 100 miles south of mainland Britain and about 14 miles from the coast of France. It has a maximum land elevation of 469 feet. In this paper, I am going to give you everything you need to know about Jersey from the geography of the country to the history and government and some of the fun things you can do there. Jersey is an island territory in the English Channel. It is the largest country of the English Channels but very small. It is actually only about 9 miles by 5 miles…show more content…
A parish is an administrative division used my several different countries. All the parishes in Jersey are named after the Saints to whom the church is dedicated to. Every parish has their own form of government. In each parish, there is a Constable who is elected for a three year term. There are two Procureur du Bein Public in each parish. Procureur du Bein are the legal and financial representatives and are elected for three year terms. Centeniers are the highest ranking police officers in Jersey and are also elected. Each parish has a Road Committee which are the highway authority for each parish and are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the roads, establishing boundaries, and other necessary duties. This committee is made up of five elected principles. Instructions are passed along to Road Inspectors whose job is to make sure that the repairs and such are carried out. Each parish also has a Honorary Police force. Honorary Police officers are elected for three year terms as well. They work 24 hours a day for one week every three to four
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