Informative Essay On Martin Luther King Jr

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HERO A hero to me is someone who had made a big impact in society .Heroes definitely exist today they are regular people that are changing the world. Society treats heroes that have made a positive impact in the world celebrating their birthday or having a day for them in remembrance. The hero I chose to research is Martin Luther king jr because he has impacted the world by taking action to the civil rights movement. He had integration, peace and wisdom. I think it is important that we are all equal and nobody isn’t counted to be less or higher. Martin Luther king jr. had integration because he stood up for himself and other African Americans he didn’t…show more content…
He has thought a lot of people that it doesn’t matter what color you are we are all the same. He made a speech called “I have a dream” His famous words were "I have a dream," it lead us into believing that noncolored people were wrong and that where we all can live in a balanced environment. Martin luther king jr made a cah a check which was his envision where a former slave owner and former slaves live together in harmony were they can be in peace either way. Martin Luther King Jr said that his purpose for the whole cash a check is to bring history the time where colored people will be able to “cash their check” and for him that time for them was now. With that he had determination and extreme encouragement to successes with his dream. Martin Luther King jr knew that his purpose was only a painting in his and colored eyes. His goal was to have “brotherhood” and everyone to be one and that today was their day. His dream of freedom will live on in every moment of America" past and future struggle for a land of liberty and justice.” Martin Luther king jr vision is reality in which we are living today a time of equality and peace for people of all races. We are all able to work together, pray together, struggle together, go to jail together, stand up for freedom together, knowing
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