Informative Essay: Gun Control What We Think We Know

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Gun Control What We Think We Know Warren C. Poehlman October 18, 2009 Now we can try to answer the question that I think is at the root of issue of gun control. Personal protection is what is on all of our minds, to keep our family safe. Americans believe that a gun in the house will give them more protection against an intruder. This is where a lot of the problems occur. Most people have not fired or owned a gun, feel the need to own one for protection. When you have one in the house you need to know how to keep it safe. When I was a child my brothers and I used guns, but were never taught how to keep them safe. How safe are we really? We are divided on the advantages and disadvantages of having guns to protect us at home. The numbers are in 41 % believed we are safer vs. 43% think we are less safe. Some of the question that were asked in the survey were: accidental shooting, domestic violence, worry about theft and misuse, less chances of home burglary or invaders for sex offences, and a greater sense of security. There are many ways protect yourself from home invasions. Criminal are not stupid, they don’t want to be seen, and they hate confrontation. There are so many ways to do this with very little out of pocket expense. The one that I use is the simplest, turn on your outside lights at night, and leave a small light on inside where it is hard to turn off. You can easily put a sign up outside stating that this house is protected by cameras, with the phrase: We are Watching You. Or which I think is one that no one wants to see, the sign that reads: Beware of Dogs, this one gets their attention. Now we look at the question would…show more content…

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