Informative Essay: Dating In The United States

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Dating in the USA Moving to the United States has been a huge cultural shock in regards to dating. I moved from China to the United States in 2011. When I first moved here I noticed several cultural differences, however dating is the one that has been the most challenging for me to fully understand. In China a date is a confirmation of a full relationship, and is typically set-up in a blind date scenario, workplace, or casual pick-up. In China it is very simple, if you like each other you date and are together with no games or additional rules. If it progresses you end up getting married and live happily ever after. If it doesn’t work out you break-up and move on. Sometimes you can even stay friends and continue the relationship in that fashion. In the United States dating seems to be much more complicated with…show more content…
In the United States finding a mate can happen at any moment. There are so many outlets including online dating, bars and clubs, the workplace, blind dates and even the local grocery store. In the United States the process of dating is so much more encompassing. The typical sequence is meeting, the “pick-up”, the “hitting on phase”, “crushing”, “mutual attraction”, “having feelings”, “seeing each other”, “semi-dating”, “exclusive dating”, and finally the all exclusive relationship. In China its not all about finding the “perfect” match, but more about finding someone you are compatible with and can be with over the long term. Some Chinese stay married for their entire lives and never truly are in love. Most Chinese couples do not have sexual relations until they are married. Chinese consummate their wedding after huge wedding celebrations with both family and friends. In the United States it seems everyone is seeking Mr. or Mrs. “right” and there are so

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