Information Warfare Essay

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Information Warfare This essay exhibits that waging successful information warfare is how wars will be won in the future and that the key to operational success by military forces in information war is in the strategy and target set known as Command and Control Warfare. The information age posits information war and a fundamental shift in how wars will be waged in the future. In the course of analyzing how military forces gain information superiority, the idea that all military information invariably follows a path from 'sensor to decision-maker to shooter' is developed. This "military information path" idea illuminates the specific fundamental changes and corresponding impacts on warfare in the information age. From these 'changes and impacts' comes an assessment of the military tasks to be accomplished to wage successful operational information warfare. Information warfare is taken apart, analyzed and put back together as an integrated whole as a strategy and target set to wage successful information war. A relatively recent doctrine, its pillars are classified by their moral and physical aspects as a new way of understanding their relationship to one another. Pakistan is at a "strategic inflection point"; a time in the life of an organization " when its fundamentals are about to change." The technological advances of the information age are the progenitor of this strategic inflection point. For the Pakistan military, the information age causes a fundamental shift in the way warfare will be conducted in the next century. 'Information War' the broad rubric for war in the information age is upon us. This essay addresses the conduct of information war at the operational level of war. Its thesis is that waging successful information war is how wars will be won in the future and that winning the ' information Warfare' battle is how military forces wage

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