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Online services 1 Learning aim A Online services 1 Learning aim A George Baker BTEC first Information and Creative Technology George Baker BTEC first Information and Creative Technology Introduction. Every time you connect to the Internet, you are using online services. When you connect to the Internet as long as this involves the exchange of information with other people, then you are using online communications. Online services and communications can be used on various types of equipment: desktop computer, laptop, laptop, mobile telephone or tablet. Activity 1.1 How online services can be used. The table below gives a summary of the various online services that are available. It shows examples and uses of the services that we use every day and also the advantages. The items highlighted, indicate the services that I personally use on a daily basis Service | Types | Example uses | Benefits | 1. Communication | Email, messaging, newsgroups, social networks, conferencing, blogs | Talking to friends on SkypeUsing social networking applications like Facebook or Google plus to exchange information. | Instant responses to someone who is remote from you, at no additional cost to your broadband fees.Socialising. | 2. Real-time information | Timetables, news, sport updates, weather reports, travel news | Checking an airport website for estimated arrival times of flights.Checking bus times on a mobile device. | Provides up-to-date information when picking people up from an airport.Checking bus times from the bus stop.Companies can use real-time information about customers’ reactions to an advertisement to improve the effectiveness of the advert. | 3. Commerce | Banking, auctions, online sales and purchases, publishing | Selling something through a service such as eBay or Amazon. | Allows users to carry out transactions

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