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Information Technology How is IT innovated? As an IT student what do IT students today need to learn to become innovators themselves? Information Technological innovation is essential for human development. From the printing press to the computer, people have devised tools for facilitating learning and communication.Technology is not inherently good or bad, the outcome depends on how it is usedInformation and technology (IT) involves innovations in microelectronics,computing (hardware and software), telecommunications and opto-electronics — micro-processors,semiconductors, fibre optics. These innovations enable the processing and storage of enormous amounts of information,along with rapid distribution of information through communication networks  It is accepted that telecommunication is a basic infrastructure necessary for economic and social development of a country.  This is even becoming more strong than ever as information related economic activities are growing.  Information and communications technology may be described as the support of the central nervous system of complex societies, transmitting and processing information and commands among the various parts of such societies.  Internet plays a fundamental function in ICT role The digital divide  The distribution of Internet users show uneven distribution in the world.  Connecting a major portion of the population is a challenge in developing regions .  Limitations are the outdated public telephone network and the arbitrary high cost of the services.  To beat this problem, solutions based on the most advanced techniques but with accessible costs have to be devised. Radio technology represents in many cases the solution. College tracks need to be “adding th e value and teaching the skills that matter most in the marketplace.” •

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