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Information technology has long been acknowledged as a method for improving efficiency and communication (Garson 2007). With technology being implemented into Federal, State, and Local Governments, the way governments have conducted business has changed dramatically. The book states that information technology has fundamentally altered many aspects of daily life and citizens uses this technology to find pertinent information, purchase goods and services and participate in virtual communities (Garson 2007). The use of technology in government (e-government) can also provide a more efficient and effective way to conduct business. Looking at local governments such as ours, I can find a great example on the use of our e-government. When you receive a statement for your renewal on your registration or drivers license, the Lee County Tax Collector provides several ways to pay for your renewal. The first is actually going into the Tax Collectors Office and wait for the next available representative to assist you. This avenue can be time consuming and aggravating for the local citizen. The second option is to renew by phone. This approach can be done with the restraints of doing this during normal business hours. The final approach is to use the Lee County Tax Collectors website to pay this online. This avenue provides the citizen with the most efficient way of paying his/her registration renewal. This and many more services that our government provides is just the beginning with their goals of being more involved with the citizens that they serve. So, I agree with the statement that the advent of technology has fundamentally altered the what governments conduct business and will continue with the advancement of technology Garson, D. (2007). Modern public information technology systems, issues and challanges. Hershey, NY: IGI

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