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Technology is the application of science to meet practical human ends, particularly to increase productivity and the availability of leisure and to improve the quality of life. Education technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. Computers help teachers to be able to demonstrate a new lesson, present new material, illustrate how to use new programs, and show new websites. The technology used is integrated into activities that are a core part of the classroom curriculum and this helps students learning through involvement with authentic, challenging tasks. In business, technology is used to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business processes in general and sales processes in many ways. Research has shown that technology have impacted three main areas in business: 1) Identifying the customer 2) making the customer aware of the product 3) selling the product. Business information technology which intends to increase productivity and save time and money, must improve in adapting method to save costs, in order to better meet the needs of the public, which in turn gives birth to the evolution of the business technology landscape. In medicine, technology has transformed the ways modern healthcare systems acquire, store, access and communicate medical information. Research has shown that two areas of medical practice have been particularly revolutionized by computer technology: the acquisition and storage of electronic medical records, and the accessibility and rapid transmission of healthcare information over the Internet. With new technological advancements in surgeries, medicines and treatments, the average life expectancy is still on the increase. In manufacturing, technology provides

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