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[pic] INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY REPORT PREPARED FOR: LIENVIET POST BANK VIETNAM- GERMANY HOSPITAL BIG C SUPERMARKET TELECOMMUNICATION BY PHAM THI LIEN HUONG E100056 TUTOR: PHAM NGOC HUNG CONVENER: KISHEN TULSIDAS ADNANI EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Lien Viet Post Bank - [pic] Lien Viet Joint Stock Commercial Bank (LienVietPostBank) was formerly known as Lien Viet Bank which is one of the first joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam since 1993[i][1]. Banking industry is an industry that requires more and more protections for a strict and high accuracy information system in every aspect when the trend of e-banking systems and its application are developing in a rushing way. As a result, not only to ensure the customer’s interests but also protect the invaluable and vast asset- bank’s information database, Lien Viet Post Bank has been applying and developing an e-mail system which a requirement for all officers and employees. 1. Introduction of Lien Viet Post Bank’s e-mail system The e-mail system in Lien Viet Post Bank is built on the open source- Qmail which allows assisting some forms of assessments via Web interface or through mail client supportive programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and so on. Lien Viet Post Bank encourages the use of electronic mail system as an effective tool to increase the productivity and efficiency in business activities. All e-mails that created or managed by e-mail system of the bank are Lien Viet Post Bank’s property unless the third party had a clear notification of copyright. [pic] Figure 1: E-mail system model 2. Web mail and e-mail client in Lien Viet Post Bank 2.1 What is Web mail and e-mail client? How does it work in Lien Viet Post Bank? Firstly, Web mail (also called Web-based email)

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