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“For IT to assume full partnership with the business, it will have to take a leadership role on many vital organizational issues ....” (Pg. 246 IT Strategy in Action – intro) Information technology (IT) has the influence to disrupt industries and transform how business is done. Standing at the center of this transformation is today’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). They are rethinking business strategies, processes, and management practices, reshaping companies and cultures, recasting infrastructures and product portfolios. Most important, they are achieving exceptional business results. (Pg. 247 IT Strategy In Action – Credibility) “Today, because even small decisions in IT can have a major impact on an organization, it is essential that a CIO be confident that his or her most junior staff have the judgement and skills to take appropriate actions.” There might have been a time when keeping the servers up and running and developing some software here and there was good enough. Today, expectations for a CIO are much, much higher. Today’s CIO is a business leader, not just an IT manager, steering a mission-critical function as large and complex as any operation in the company, working side by side with business units to help improve performance and efficiency. (Pg. 247 IT Strategy In Action – Impact) CIOs today help other business leaders in the company to see what’s possible—and help them anticipate what’s lurking in the business environment and competitive moves of others. In many cases, they also face the task of anchoring a transformational vision throughout the company, overcoming barriers to change, and building organizational support in the face of significant resistance. ess_Opportunities_ "In the past a leader was a boss. Today’s leaders must be partners

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