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EXAMINATION PAPER: ACADEMIC SESSION 2011/2012 Campus Maritime Greenwich School Computing and Mathematical Sciences Department Information Systems and Digital Media Level Six TITLE OF PAPER Information Systems Management COURSE CODE COMP 1486 Date and Time 28th November 2011 BANGLADESH 18:30 BOTSWANA 14:00 GREECE 15:00 GHANA 13.00 HONG KONG 18:30 KENYA 15:00 LONDON 13:00 MALAYSIA 18:30 MALAWI 14:00 MAURITIUS 16:00 MYANMAR 16:30 RWANDA 14:00 SINGAPORE 17:30 SRI LANKA 17:30 SOUTH AFRICA 14:00 SYRIA 15:00 TANZANIA 15:00 TRINIDAD 09:30 VIETNAM 18:30 ZAMBIA 14:00 You MUST answer question 1 which is worth 40 marks. Marks will be awarded for your best TWO answers to the remaining THREE questions. Each question is worth 30 marks. CALCULATORS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE NOT PERMITTED APPROVED Information Systems Management COMP 1486 Page 2 of 3 SECTION A – COMPULSORY 1. A business information system is an essential part of every organisation. An understanding of the contribution of the business information system to the operation of the organisation is vital for success. a) Describe the different components that go together to make up a business information system and provide an overview of its role in a business organisation. [10 marks] b) Discuss the ways in which a business information system helps an organisation to achieve its objectives. [10 marks] c) Explain how the responsibilities for the operation of a business information system may rest with different departments and stakeholders of the organisation as well as with individual employees. [10 marks] d) Explain why a computerized business information system should be considered a necessity for most business organisations in today’s business environment. [10 marks] APPROVED Information Systems Management COMP 1486 Page 3 of 3 Section B – (Answer any TWO questions) 2. Organisations

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