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INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROPOSAL 2 Information Systems Proposal Introduction 2 Table 3& 5 Conclusion 5 References 5 INTRODUCTION INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROPOSAL 3 There are different types of information systems that businesses use. For our record store, we will not need to use all of the information systems that are available, but there are some that will be useful for the store. Computer based information systems (IS) are what the record store will be using. CBIS use computer technology to perform certain tasks for the business. For each information system, they are capable of being useful to the business with its benefits, but also has drawbacks. Below I have created a table to explain what each system is, what it can be used for in the record store, and its benefits and drawbacks. I have given five information systems that I believe can be used in the record store. Here are the five information systems that the table will provide. ÿ Executive Dashboard ÿ Office Automation System ÿ Transaction Processing System ÿ Functional Area IS ÿ Expert System TABLE INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROPOSAL 4 Type of IS needed Function Benefits Drawbacks Executive Dashboard Presents organized, abridged data about parts of business vital to executives, for example, the status of deals by item. The drawback is that this business is not a corporate business with executives that need to keep track of sales and statuses. Office Automation System Help every day work exercises of people and aggregations, for example, the Microsoft office framework. I see no drawbacks using this system it is a great tool for any person or business to have. Transaction Processing System This system forms transaction information from

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