Information Systems in Healthcare Essay

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We Can But Should We? : Information Systems in Healthcare We Can But Should We? Introduction Many people that have chosen healthcare as their profession have one common goal in mind, which is improving patients care. Many systems have been put into place with use of new technology to help healthcare professionals with their work to improve patient’s outcomes. The use of technology in certain circumstance has been met with much criticism and debate. One example is the use of the Verichip, this is a chip that is implanted in a patient. The chip contains a person’s medical history; the debate is whether this chip can improve patient care as well as outcomes. According to the article, The Implantable Medical Chip Approved by the FDA, written by R. Stein (2004) it states that even though the FDA approved it, the chip is alarming to the advocates of the HIPPA law. A different article, Future Hazy for Implantable Medical Records, by Merrill (2009) believes that this device is very important for patients with cognitive impairment. Summary The article, The Implantable Medical Chip Approved by the FDA, written by R. Stein (2004), explains how the chip is implanted in a patient. This allows a scanner to verify this patient’s identity as well as the patient’s medical information. In terms of the Emergency Department, they will be enormously impacted and assisted by this device. Unconscious patients as well as cognitively impaired patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia would greatly benefit from this device. Their inability to communicate would not hamper the staff’s efforts; this would avoid many preventable deaths. The doctors would have access to their medical history as well as blood type previous medications and allergies. The operating room would benefit greatly from this device as well; they would avoid many errors that occur in the operating room too often.
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