Information Systems and Healthcare Essay

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INFORMATION SYSTEMS Name: Institution: Information Systems Section 1 1. Introduction Petrie’s Electronics is an organization that deals in the retail of various electronic goods. To engage its customers further, the marketing department has developed a new plan. The organization needs to develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM systems assist an organization in determining the customers’ needs and behaviors. This is through the combination of data from all departments in the firm. Therefore, a complete outlook of customers’ needs and behaviors is determined from various aspects. The management of customer relationships will enable Petrie’s Electronics to maximize its profitability. Consequently, the organization settled on Jim Watanabe and his team to develop the system. However, the deadline for implementation is uncertain, due to various changes. 2. Final System Acceptance Criteria The purpose of this section is to describe the criteria for Petrie’s Electronics’ CRM system. The system acceptance criteria have several objectives. First, it seeks to ensure that the fundamentals of system readiness are achieved, ensuring that proper data is collected. Secondly, the criteria seek to ensure that the core aspects of business readiness are achieved in the system. Such aspects include training and staffing. Similarly, targets will be placed for the system’s effectiveness, and tools to be used. Finally, the criteria will detail how the system’s milestones and progress will be monitored. The quality of the proposed CRM system will be monitored through several ways. First, the system’s data will be tested for data quality and conversion. A CRM system’s operations consist of several cycles. At the end of each cycle, the data provided should be relevant and accurate. The quality of data may be assessed through
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