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The roles of information resource management and information technology- The role of the system is to provide information to managers so they can make better and timely decisions. These decisions make core business process’ and activities more efficient. Does this story suggest good alignment between business and its IT investments?- Yes because the IM/IT systems allow for stores to have quality products that consumers want at times when they want it. This allows for the business to generate more sales and allows for customers to get the products they want which creates customer loyalty. Why consider an organization’s approach to IM/IT recources and services as a portfolio? To better align IT investment to a firm’s strategy. It also allows more transparency and by breaking it down it to categories you are able to track the success. It should be based on what they want to achieve based on strategy rather than of technical specification. It also helps put IT in business terms and provides a common language for business and IT professionals. a. transactional- To cut costs or increase efficiency for the same cost. rebalancing software, Byallaccounts, sharefile, skype b. informational- to provide information for any purpose. PC, excel for budget c. strategic- to gain competitive advantage or position in the market place. do not have one d. infrastructure- The base foundation of shared IT services used by multiple applications- server, remote server, laptops, printer, P:drive How do you assess IT systems value? You assess the value by the impact it has on the core business process’ or applications. Transactional IT can help cut cost and create effeciencies. Informational IT allows for management to make better decisions, strategic IT can give you a competitive edge, and infrastructure can help the core business process’ go to market sooner. You can measure the

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