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Information systems and organizations influence each other in many ways. The systems are built to serve the interest of the business. The interaction between the two is very complex and is influenced by mediating factors such as, structure, business process, politics, and management decisions. Information systems can change social and work life in your business. Understanding the existing systems and understanding your business will help make you successful. An organization is a stable, formal social structure that takes resources from the environment and processes them to produce outputs. (Technical definition) When combined with information systems it shows us how inputs are joined to produce outputs as the technology changes are introduced to the company. Information systems are integral, online, interactive tools involved in the operations and decision making of large organizations. They help alter the economics of organizations and fundamentally increase the possibilities for growth and sustainability. While in the military I was trained on many different information systems in the supply field. Some of those included: ULLSG, SAMS 1E, PBUSE, SARRS, LIW, AND ULLS-A. Each of these systems were created and used to manage supply/maintenance operations all over the world. ULLS-G, SAMS 1E, and ULLS-A, are data entry systems used to track maintenance reports on vehicles and aircraft. They list faults, work orders, parts request, and monthly budget reports for the unit commander to track. They used a DOS program that was very simple to put information into on multiple types of equipment and parts. The PBUSE system was used by unit supply clerks that with things needed outside of the maintenance world. SARRS is the mother system that collects all this information from each system. This system issues and receives data daily. I have had the opportunity to see some

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