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1. BACKGROUND A large European country is collecting personal tax returns from citizens and would like to perform that activity through an online system. Within the first three years of operations, the system is expected to collect and process the returns for 50% of the population representing a sum of around $132bn. The system would be built by a private company having experience in running large-scale data centers. Such a system would be used by government employees and citizens using passwords generated by the government but able to be modified at any time by the citizens. There will be two data centres in place. One of them, the primary data centre, would run the operational system from a location on the outskirts of the capital city. The secondary back-up data center would be approximately 25km away from the capital. Citizens could access the system via the internet to download the tax return software and complete their returns off-line. On the other hand, government employees would gain access to the system via a secure government network. The management consultancy team is expected to assess any management issues facing the delivery of such an online system and what mitigation strategy would be needed to face the upcoming issues. 2. INTRODUCTION ‘Avalanche buries highway in Denver’, ‘Katrina results in a landfall in the Gulf Coast’, ‘Powerful earthquake sets off Tsunami in the Pacific’. These have been eye catching headlines in newspapers all over the world. Out of all people, IT professionals have been very cautious of such events and are on the watch for any disturbances that could interrupt their technological services. Technology has become an integral part of all companies regardless of the type of industry involved. Consequently, it is considered essential to plan for any interruptions that could hinder the delivery of

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