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Information Systems Proposal Kevin Anderson BIS/220 October 08, 2012 David Marca Information Systems Proposal I. Introduction II. Types of information systems III. Basic understanding of information systems IV. Benefits of information systems V. Drawbacks of information systems VI. Type of system we would need for our business VII. Supporting information VIII. Conclusion IX. References Introduction Brick & Mortar Record Store will provide customers with complete satisfaction in finding unlimited music; from old school music, hard to find music, jazz, contemporary, and much more. Information systems are important because it provides the right format that can be used in different ways to accommodate the user. Information systems are computer and non computer base systems. There are different types of information systems available; to be successful we have to decide which information system available to meet the needs of our company. Types of information systems There are different types of information systems; each system is designed to meet the client needs, because of the customers demand for finding different ways to accomplish a particular goal or mission in a short period of time. Some companies may have as many as eight different information systems to help meet the needs of the company. Some different types of information systems are (TPS) Transaction Processing System, (MIS) Management Information System, (EIS) Expert Information System, (KMS) Knowledge Information System, and (TPS) Transaction Processing System. These are just some of the information systems there are many other systems that is available to meet the needs of each individual. Basic understanding of

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