Information System Input And Output

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In every part of life computers play an important role in today’s society and all people’s lives. Whether it is in personal lives, business and even doing shopping. So when it comes to working with computers it is important to make sure there is the proper input and output to make everything work the correct way and get the proper information out of what is input into the systems. In the past most information was done on paper and by typewriters. Also the information was all hand prepared for the information to be shared with people. In today’s society many things are handled by inputting into computers systems to gather information together to give output. Just a few of the things that everybody at one time or another will be using are as follows. Printed questionnaires are at some or another time all completed by people and the best way to input this data would be to use a scanning device and also coupled with optical mark recognition software to collect the information and then give the final output of data from the questionnaires collected. Next comes telephone survey the best way to input this data would be to record the person being surveyed so that all of the information is collected correctly. Because if the questions where just asked and written down there is a chance of misquoting the person being interviewed. Next would be bank checks that everybody at some point will deal with. The best way to input this data is to use what is called a magnetic ink character recognition device. This will collect the bank information off of the bottom of the check with the bank routing number and the bank account. This then can let the person collecting the check if they should accept the check. When shopping in retail stores all products today have retail tags on them. The way that stores input the data from this merchandise is to use bar codes that can be

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