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Information System Briefing Helena Herbert HCS/483 April 9, 2013 Alan Schomaker Information System Briefing This paper is a prepared briefing on an information system requested by the CIO for the health care organization. Information systems play a valuable role in reducing costs and improving outcomes in health care. This briefing identifies the process for selecting and acquiring an information system. This briefing explains how the goals of the organization and stakeholders affect the selection process. This briefing also explains how the organization’s goals drive the selection of the information system. Then, this briefing identifies the roles each organization’s stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process. Finally, a conclusion follows and gives an overall review of the information system discussed in this briefing. Information System Information system (IS) is a new system taking the place of an old system used in health care. IS plays a major role in managing costs and in improving the quality of care in health care. IS are positioned to capture, store, process, and communicate timely information to decision makers for better coordination at both the individual and population levels (Fichman, Kohli, and Krishnan, September 2011). Process for Selecting and Acquiring an Information System There takes a substantial amount of planning and work when implementing the process for selecting and acquiring an information system (IS). This type of process can vary from one organization to another organization. The process requires having a high degree of support from the senior executive team and must be viewed as an organizational priority. The process also requires sufficient staff, time, and resources to be devoted to the process. The system implementation process has a few steps that are required to take

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