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Chapter 18 Executive Information Systems 1. Describe what executive information systems are Type of DSS that aims to meet ad hoc information needs of top executives -DSS that assists top executives in ad hoc analyses of current performance and projected operations -computerized system that gives executives easy access to internal and external information relevant to their critical success factors -system that helps executives request and monitor key information from both internal and external sources via customized presentations Common Traits -used directly by top-level executives -designed to require little or no training of users -designed to be "easy" to operate, often being customized to the needs of an individual executive user -able to present information in textual, tabular, and/or graphical ways -able to access and combine information from a broad range of sources both within and outside of the organization -able to select, filter, compress, and track critical success factor or key indicator information, and -able to do status reporting, exception reporting, trend analysis, and drill-down investigation 2. Explain how and why executive information systems are developed HOW AN EIS FITS IN AN ORGANIZATION -EIS draws on MISs and commercial databanks and information services -executive has other information sources (non-computer and computer-based) EVOLUTION OF EISs - early EISs: narrow capabilities, very top executive -took data from MISs (mainly operational, accounting) -organized it into visual tables and graphs -presented it directly to executives, allowing drill down -called electronic "briefing books" TRENDS -Lower level managers should get information consistent in form and content with top executives -analyses should be possible in addition to retrieval (more dynamic, flexible than briefing book) -achieve competitive

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