Information Management in the Digital Firm Essay

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Information Management and the Digital Firm Class: Introduction to Information Management Systems 3/9/13 There are many different types of information management in support of the digital firm out there today. Different types of information management that support that can include document management systems (DMS), content management systems (CMS), library management systems (LMS), records management system (RMS), digital imaging system (DIS), learning management system (LMS), and geographic information system (GIS). In this paper I will talk about a geographic information system that is used frequently today. That system would be a cloud computing device. I will talk about the creation, the security, the uses and my beliefs of the use of the cloud devices and some of the benefits of using cloud devices. In my opinion a cloud computing device can be a very productive device to have. For instance I use a kindle to read books and play games sometimes. The cloud device allows my wife and I to both have access to the same games and books no matter where we are, and if one of us uploads a new game or new book we both have access to it. So in my opinion I believe the cloud devices can be a great investment to use or have for everyone. This links off of the internet and then allows you to store the information to your product for use at any time. The cloud computing devices were originally created in the early 1990s where telecommunication companies began to offer virtual private network services. This allowed the telecommunication companies to provide the same quality of services for a small fraction of the cost. In the late 1990s the term cloud was keyed to symbolize the computing space between the provider and the end user. In 1997 Professor Ramnath Chellapa of Emory University of Southern California defined cloud computing as the “computing paradigm where

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