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Information Literacy Essay

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American deal with change everyday; however, information age presents one of the greatest challenges for Americans (Presidential Committee on Information Literacy:   Final Report, 1989, p.1).   Information is needed daily in order for true survival. Hosea 4:6 (New International Version) states, “people will perish for lack of knowledge.” Many American are doing just that. Information literacy gives everyone the right to be informed; however, getting informed is everyone’s responsibility (Presidential Committee on Information Literacy:   Final Report, 1989, p2).  
Everyone is responsible for becoming knowledgeable. When does a person begin to take responsibility for learning?   Are teachers or parents responsible for teaching a person how to gather information and the difference between valuable and useless information? Who is responsible for helping an adult become information literate? How does a person become information literate? People are not information literate because they often “lack the skills to find, evaluate and effectively use information” (Zabel, 2004, p.1) Therefore, even though an individual is responsible for learning, society is responsible for helping those who do not know how to learn.

Information Literate versus Information Illiterate
In early society, postal mail and telephones were the primary source of getting information. As society changed, the Internet has become the primary source for getting information. Most people have Internet access. The Internet has vast amounts of information. Before one can begin to process information literacy, one must know what information literacy is ____________________.
However, the information has to be dissected and individuals must use only the information necessary. This is what information literate people do. Information literate people have learned to learn (Presidential Committee on Information Literacy:   Final Report, 1989).   Information illiterate people are most likely...

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