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| | |Information Interview | | | |Jessica Tran & Khaled Hasan | |HST300 – Introduction to Human Resources | |Lisa Guglielmi | |11/23/2011 | | | | | Section 1: Interviewee Contact Information Linda Ngo HR Administrator – Human Resources Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. 4 King Street West Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5H1B6 (416) 865-6593 Section 2: Company Information Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. is a publically traded American company which spun-off Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) in year 2007 (Broadridge). The company is traded under NASDAQ under the acronym BR. It has a great global outreach, with many offices across the globe, including Canada, England, China, Japan and etc. Starting off as a branch of ADP, the business has over 40 years of heritage providing leading-edge financial solutions like technology-based resources to financial service companies and other publically traded companies. It has a large number of clients in financial service industry. Some of them are retail and institutional brokerage firms, banks around the world, mutual funds, payment companies, business investors, specialty trading firms, and clearing firms, and corporate issuers. They continue to be employer of

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