Information And Technology Essay

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Chapter 1 Summary Chapter one of this book does a wonderful job with discussing the elements of different forms of technology currently being used in the world. It talks about the different types of computer systems and where they are used, along with how they function internally. It points out the correlation between hardware, software, input devices, processing units and secondary storage devices. Even though the computer, scanners, keyboard and mouse are a normal part of our lives, this chapter does a good job of going into detail about how each of these input devices translates data into a form that the computer can process. There was a very interesting topic about Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID), which briefly discussed a U.S. company that implanted chips in two employees to control access to a room as a form of security. RFIDs were also discussed in relevance to patient medical histories and how useful this could be if it was implanted into patient, containing all of their medical history and X-rays, which would make the life of an ER physician especially easier. There is also valuable information in this chapter about the Internet, Intranet and Extranet, providing information about how the Internet was made, it’s structure and how the internet can be extended into private networks for hospitals also. Connectivity definitely enhances the power of a computer; potentially making it’s information readily accessible from anywhere within the network or anywhere else. With the use if cellular phones, Bluetooth technology, PDA devices and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Wi-Fi technology, the boundaries of the personal network have been greatly extended, making the exchange of information almost instantaneous. By combining many of the above-mentioned technologies, the world of medicine has been greatly impacted and will benefit substantially in

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