Information Age Essay

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Cybersociety Information Technology, Society and Self – The Information Age and the New Economy ________________________________________ The Information Economy steam age a post-industrial economy/society an information economy/society a knowledge-based economy/society a post-Fordist economy/society a new economy Ages of humanity... have been characterised by dominant technology - eg stone age iron age agricultural age steam age A techno-centric perspective Economics as the meta-discipline A New Age? new industries different employment sectors different work patterns and methods different organisational structures different forms of globalism different forms of commerce What technologies? Computers and communications systems have converged New Industries a post-industrial economy? human services media and communications electronics software, info-tainment distributed content production biochemistry and pharmaceuticals Different employment sectors Number of “Primary Knowledge workers” increases Number of “Secondary Knowledge workers” increased Number of manufacturers & primary industry workers decreased But is this just a definitional change? Has there been a shift globally? which employment sectors have fastest growth rates? Different work patterns? a small multi-skilled core, and contingent mass The end of middle-management transient careers constant skill upgrades up and out promotion Different work patterns? In many circumstances “scientific management” has intensified … Many industries remain characterised by a a radical division of labour a radical division of conception and

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