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13793 Words56 Pages – the resource for investing and personal finance education. Value Investing By Amy Fontinelle Table of Contents 1) Value Investing: Introduction 2) Value Investing: What Is Value Investing? 3) Value Investing: How Stocks Become Undervalued 4) Value Investing: Finding Undervalued Stocks 5) Value Investing: Finding Value In Financial Reports And Balance Sheets 6) Value Investing: Finding Value In Income Statements 7) Value Investing: Managing The Risks In Value Investing 8) Value Investing: Famous Value Investors 9) Value Investing: Couch Potato Value Investing 10) Value Investing: Common Alternatives To Value Investing 11) Value Investing: Conclusion Value Investing: Introduction Investors are often looking for ways to beat the market. If you’re one of those investors, you should consider following a proven strategy that has been implemented by the investment greats. Value investors figured out how to beat the average annualized returns of the S&P 500 a long time ago, and many have successful track records spanning several decades to prove it. The most famous value investor, of course, is Warren Buffett, but there are many others, including Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Charlie Munger, Christopher Browne and Seth Klarman. If you’re an avid sale shopper, you already have some of the most important skills a value investor needs. You know that the time to buy a 12 pack of soda is not when it’s regularly priced at $6. Perhaps the soda is, in fact, worth $6, but you know that if you wait for the right opportunity you can get it for less. The right This tutorial can be found at: (Page 1 of 31) Copyright © 2011, - All rights reserved. – the resource for investing and personal finance education. time to buy soda is not even when it is on sale for $4. No,

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