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Name: ___________________________________ Judicial and Legal Issues Exam #2 Short Answer Essay – 6.5 points 1. List and describe the duties of the three types of court managers. What are the potential sources of conflict between these managers? Be sure to provide some examples. 2. Explain why discretionary decision making occurs in the criminal courts and then provide some specific examples of prosecutorial discretion. 3. In general, “justice delayed is justice denied.” Explain the meaning of this phrase and how it affects defendants. What steps have legislatures taken to deal with the problem of court delay? Have these steps been effective? 4. Explain why many argue that the prosecutor is the most powerful member of the courtroom work group. 5. Explain the difference between vertical and horizontal assignment of cases to prosecutors. 6. Explain the difference between the Solicitor General and a U.S. Attorney. 7. Choose three U.S. Supreme Court decisions that pertain to the right to court-appointed counsel for indigent defendants and explain the significance of each. 8. List and describe the three primary methods used in the United States to provide indigent defendants with attorneys. 9. Explain the rationale behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that indigent defendants must be provided with free-of-charge attorneys. In your answer be sure to make reference to the case of Gideon v. Wainwright. What types of lawyers may be appointed? 10. Because the remuneration to court-appointed counsel or public defenders is very low, discuss the quality of counsel often available to indigent defendants. What type of lawyer engages in court-appointed defense work? 11. Discuss the controversy surrounding a defense attorney’s ties to the courtroom work group. 12. Explain the three main

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