Informal Logic For Abortion Research Paper

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Abortion Shadd Campbell PHI 103 Informal Logic Instructor: John Moore 03/04/2012 Abortion is when someone wants to end an pregnancy. They will have the baby removed from their body. There are two types of abortion. There is the traditional pregnancy, or the medical abortion pregnancy. The traditional one is when they go inside the uterus and suck the baby out piece by piece. The medical abortion is the one when they give the mother a pill and the beginning and it kills all the nutrients to the baby causing and miscarriage, then the 2nd step process is to take a pill two days later which removes the dead fetus from the body. There have been facts that a pregnancy can be terminated at any time while being pregnant, but many doctors will…show more content…
That is a relatively straight-forward viewpoint, compared to pro-choice, which I hold to encompass people who hold that abortion should be legal for at least some alloted time of a pregnancy. So the term "pro-choicer" is an ambiguous one when referenced to generally. Personally, I believe that abortion should be legal for the first and second trimesters, but not the third, so I will defend that viewpoint from here on out. Which means when coming to the case of your daughter, I would not like to have permit abortion, as at that point your daughter would be extensively neurologically developed. Most neurologists hold one of the most defining points of the beginning of life to be between 24 and 27 weeks in a pregnancy, when the child starts emitting a recognizable EEG pattern. I think that clarifies your first set of questions. Except…show more content…
Note the exceptional prenatal similarities. It begs the question: where does the difference lay? And we have answered that question: in sentience, and in development. So it does become more unethical to abort the further on in the stage the child is, which is why procedures such as partial birth and late term abortions have been banned. What about prior to those, though? I see no ethical dilemma in abortion, as the development of the fetus is insufficient, and the function of the body systems is greatly impaired. The cerebrum, the part of the brain that makes the most difference in distinction from animals, and in life functioning, is the last part of a fetus to

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