Informal and Formal Deviance Essay

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Types of Deviance in society Tuesday, May 21 2013 What is Deviance? ● Deviance is any behavior that violates the standards of conduct or expectations (social norms) of a group or a society. ● Examples of deviance: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Alcoholics Gamblers Mentally ill Cheaters Bald Homeless “close talkers” Deviance Defined ● ● ● Sociologically, we are all deviant from time to time. Each of us violates common social norms in certain situations (social v. criminal deviance) Deviance involves the violation of group norms which MAY OR MAY NOT be formalized into law (written norms enforced by the government). Deviance Defined… ● ● ● ● Standards of deviance vary from one group (subculture) to another. Deviance varies over time. Deviance is often subjective – subject to social definitions ** All this means that deviance is “socially constructed” (made up by society) Sociology on Campus… College Binge Drinking Does this graph demonstrate deviance, conformity or both? Or does it depend who you ask? Explain. Types of Deviance ● Admired Behavior: ● ● “Good” or “Admirable” behavior that breaks social norms… Ex.: extreme heroism… saving another person’s life while putting yours at risk Types of Deviance ● Odd Behavior ● ● Things like strange ways of dressing, being a “cat lady”, etc. Behaviors that are not criminal, but still differ from acceptable behavior Types of Deviance ● Bad Behavior ● Generally this behavior is law breaking/ criminal behavior. Primary Deviance Person only occasionally breaks norms; not a lifestyle e.g. college student may drink at parties high school student may do something dumb & break a law ● Secondary Deviance Person for whom deviance is a way of life; a normal reaction for that person e.g. Career

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