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Biographical Information Greek name: Bacchus Roman name: Bacchus No other known aliases. He is the god of wine, fruits, drunkenness and festivity. He lived on mt olympus, but spent most his time on earth. Father: Zeus (divine) Mother: Semele (mortal) Grandfather on Mother's Side: Camdus (mortal) Grandmother on Mother's Side: Harmonia (mortal) Grandfather on Father's Side: Kronos (divine) Grandmother on Father's Side: Rhea (divine) Uncles: Hades (divine) and Poseidon (divine). Aunts: Demeter (divine), Hestia (divine), and Hera (divine). Half-Brothers: Apollo (divine), Ares (divine), Hephaestus (divine), Hercules (divine), and Hermes (divine). Half-Sisters: Artemis (divine), Athena (divine), Eileithyia (divine), Eris (divine), Hebe (divine), and Aphrodite (divine). Wife: Ariadne (mortal) Sons: Hymenaios (divine), Iakkhos (divine), Priapus (divine), Sabazios (divine), Eurymedon (mortal), Keramos (mortal), Maron (mortal), Narkaios (mortal), Oinopion (mortal), Peparethos (mortal), Phanos (mortal), Phliasos (mortal), Staphylos (mortal), and Thoas (mortal). Daughters: Methe (divine), Pasithea (divine), The Kharites (divine), Telete (divine), Thysa (divine), and Deianeira (mortal). When Semele was pregnant with Dionysus, she didn’t know Zeus true power and she wanted him to show her. He tried to hold back but, he finally told her the truth. He showed himself and lightning and thunderbolts went every surrounding them in fire. Semele being burned her to death, because any mortal who would sight a deity in all his glory was cursed to die. Dionysus was still in her womb, so to save the infant he was binding him to his thigh. Later he gave him to hermes and sent dionysus to be raised by Semeles sister and her husband. He knew he would be in good care. Dionysus had a weird death. He died but he was rebirthed. He also was the only god able to bring people

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