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11 April 2014 College Track American International College The Psychology Department prepares its majors to be well educated in the liberal arts tradition, to exhibit enthusiasm for learning and to be responsive to community needs. Students develop an awareness of ways of viewing, analyzing, measuring, and changing human behavior. Students learn to: Design, analyze, and interpret research, sharpen oral and written communication skills, think critically, solve problems, and enhance interpersonal skills. These skills help prepare the psychology major for careers in human services, teaching, business, and personnel. The psychology major also provides preparation for successful pursuit of graduate studies leading to careers in professional psychology. Psychology, General Bachelor's Degree is $168,272 for 4 years. For Pre-Law, it doesn't matter whether you wish to be a corporate lawyer or a public defense attorney; we offer a robust curriculum that gets you on track for your law degree. Upon completion of our program, you will have all of the necessary required credits to enter the graduate law school of your choosing. With liberal arts at the core of all of our degree program offerings, you will receive a very well-rounded education with the specific professional competencies to assist you in getting to the top of your profession and to help you run your practice. The major in criminal justice, which leads to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree, is designed to provide the student with a solid understanding of programs and procedures in the criminal justice system. Philosophically, the system is viewed as an important area of human services. It is the intent of the major to provide to the system graduates who possess the potential for leadership and positive change. Criminal Justice/Safety Studies Bachelor's Degree is $168,272 for 4 years. The

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