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[4] Global Problems: Animal extinction, trees act as giant reserves for carbon dioxide, when burning the forest (as fuel wood, or through the slash and burn deforestation favored by some loggers) it releases a CO2 that has the same effect as smog pollution in large cities… global warming?? Local Problems: (don’t know if going to use/need this) disappearance of vegetation creates ripple effects in the food chains and nutrient networks, this increases the chance/threat for massive population die offs Solutions: create biofuels for cars [1] Protecting the trees is also protecting our climate 15% of the world’s global warming pollution Global warming is global and effects everyone. We need to reduce the CO2 emissions, not just in the US, but globally, it does not matter where the emissions are coming from they are still producing global warming and need to be reduced. Tropical rainforest emissions are significant, about 15%, this is more than every car, truck, plane, train, and ship on the plant combined, about 10%. Deforestation is happening at an alarming rate, about one acre per second. That means in one minute 60 acres are torn down, imagine the devastation that can occur in one year, or longer. They are necessary for stabilizing our climate. Provide oxygen for us to breathe, AND take the CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere and store more carbon than forest in temperate regions (forests in the US). Losing large forest like this would greatly tamper with earth’s ability remove carbon from the air. It covers about 1.4 billion acres Reducing deforestation is cost-effective. There is little economic value in clearing tropical rainforests, so the cost of stopping it is small. “Economic analyses have shown conclusively that reducing emissions from deforestation is considerably less expensive than reducing emissions from fossil fuel combustion and other

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