Influential Women In Latin Music Essay

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Five Influential Women in Latin Music Throughout world history, women have generally been considered second class citizens to men. Latin America was no exception. Historically, latinas have been confined to the domestic sphere where they were expected to cook, clean, and care for children. In the 1900s, women began to break free from the domestic sphere, partly out of necessity. As factory jobs were established in much of Central and South America, women were able to leave the house to work in order to earn more money to support their families. Even then as women were providing for their families, they were often seen as neglectful of their duties, and looked down upon. Latinos generally support the idea of machismo, where they value over-masculine…show more content…
Carmen was raised in Brazil, and enjoyed a ten year music career in Brazil before she was discovered by an American theatre owner who saw her perform in Rio and instantly signed Carmen and her group. She travelled to America, where she debuted on Broadway, and soon was widely recognized and dubbed the Brazilian Bombshell. She mostly performed sambas and exposed Americans to their first taste of latin culture through this music during a time when Americans did not know much about Central or South America. Although people recognized Miranda for pushing latin culture to the forefront in America, she was also criticized by many. Miranda wore flamboyant clothing including large head pieces which often over exaggerating latina dress. Many believed that Miranda sent a message to the United States that latin culture was homogeneous from country to country. Instead of being welcomed with praise, when she returned to her native country of Brazil she was usually criticized. Despite the controversy surrounding Miranda, she left an indelible mark on Latin American culture in the United States. She opened the door for other Latin Americans, male and female, to charge into the entertainment industry, and she familiarized the American public with some latin

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