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Influential Theorist Harriet Martineau Using the knowledge you have gained thus far in this course, write a paper which identifies one influential theorist that best aligns with your personal view of sociology. I chose to try and identify with Harriet Martineau. During this paper I will show some of the changes that was made and how it effect women in today’s time and how it was back in there time. The life that she leaded might show that she was accused of being an alleged lesbianism and an atheist as well. The youngest of eight children of a Norwich (England) silk manufacturer, she was a sister of the Rev. James Martineau, who attained a celebrity nearly equal to her own and was nearest to her in age. Harriet Martineau was the daughter of a textile manufacturer they were from Norwich, she was born in 1802. Her parent was Thomas and Elizabeth Martineau they were Unitarians and help progressive view on the education of girls. This Unitarian Society was established in 1797. The main term Unitarian began used in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. Unitarians believed that social evils were humanly created, not God inflicted, and therefore could be remedied by human efforts. Unitarians were strong advocates of democracy and argued that each congregation should manage itself without outside control. This included the power to select and discharge ministers. (1) Back then the girl’s received a similar education as the boys. But however, where the boys were sent away to university and things, the girls were expected to stay at home. As for Harriet, she thought this was very unfair. In 1823 The Unitarian journal, Monthly Repository, published her anonymous article, On Female Education. Her brother James Martineau praised it, and when he discovered that his sister was the author, said: "Now, dear, leave it to the other women to make skirts and darn

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