Influential Psychologists Essay

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Running head: 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS 1 The Top 10 Most Influential Psychologists Angel Hoffman Oral Roberts University 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS 2 Abstract God has blessed us all with the ability to have outstanding knowledge and understanding of everything around us. He also blessed us with many great men who have advanced our knowledge and understanding. Even just ten of the most influential psychologists have made a phenomenal impact on our understanding of all of mankind. These highly respected scientists and doctors have drastically changed the world around us and have greatly influenced our knowledge of everything, including ourselves. Many of the studies which they began are still being explored and advanced today. Each and every one of the men and women in this field of study deserve much appreciation and honor. 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS 3 The Top 10 Most Influential Psychologists B.F. Skinner (1904-1990) is an American psychologist who is well-known for his theory of behaviorism. His philosophy for the subject, which is now referred to as “Radical behaviorism”, states that free will is simply an illusion. Instead, he claimed that all human actions are the direct result of conditioning. After earning his doctorate from Harvard, he began exploring human behavior and wrote multiple works on his studies, including “The Behavior of Organisms”(1938). During his time in Harvard, Skinner found a more objective way to study behavior and developed an operant conditioning apparatus, which is now known as the Skinner box. This development helped him study animals interaction in their environments. His studies lead to many more conducted by many psychologists. B.F. Skinner died due to leukemia in August of 1990, leaving behind a huge impact on
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