Influential and Distinctive Poets of the American Literature

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The most influential and distinctive poets of the American literature are undoubtedly Walt Whitman (1819 -1892) and Emily Dickinson (1830 -1886). When reading the poems of both writers one can realize that there are differences and similarities with respect to their literary style. The similarities that can be found between the poems of both authors are that both are targeted by the literary language and poetic structure which both use in their poems. There are also similarities in the way that both authors write about the same themes such as love, nature, death and religion. Both were as well the founders of their own styles of writing. Between the two writers, one can find considerable differences in their style of writing. The most notable difference one can find is that in Dickinson's poems, the language used is simpler, and her texts were shorter, contrary to Whitman, who uses a much more complex literary language and his texts are considerably longer. The writer Walt Whitman uses a lyrical or epic style with extensive poems and frequent parallelisms. His writings are full of optimism towards freedom, sexuality, spirituality and life. Walt Whitman with his writing style breaks with traditional poetry, both in style as in content, serving as an example to future generations of poets. Whitman's style is mainly characterized through the use of free verse. Free verse is the verse with no rhyme or meter. “And you that shall cross from shore to shore years hence are more to me, and more in my meditations, than you might suppose.” Much of modern poetry is written in free verse. In these verses, the rhythm is achieved by the arrangement of words, syntactic structure, and so on. This form of poetry was prevalent in Europe until the late nineteenth century. Whitman was the first poet who experienced the possibilities of free verse, making full use of a clear language

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