Influencing Person Essay

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Purav Barot Essay on most Influencing person in my life Looking back to from my childhood to my first day of junior year in high school in fall of 2010, she was life altering teacher. She was unconventional, honest and never afraid to be frank in her explanation to students toward a specific subject, and to be truthful, in the inauguration I was not utterly certain what to do for her, which may modify her life. My teacher has been the most influential person in my life. She is not the type of person you base your entire life on, however, she is the type of person that you listen to and take her advice into account while making a judgment. I met Abraham noella(my teacher) when I was eight years old, I went to her house and asked her if she wanted to play a game of chess with me. Since that day we have been indissoluble. Abraham is principally the reason that I will be able to succeed in obtaining my dream of being a smart chemistry student. She does not play all that well, but she really can teach the game. Ms. Abraham has become the most influencing figure in my life, because when she wants something she goes out and gets it. Abraham also lives her own life and does not let anyone but herself make decisions for her. When I was twelve years old, Ms. Abraham took me to her chemistry class in the middle of December. That was my first chemical experience, and from that day on I was addicted to chemistry. She has taken it upon herself to form me into the best possible student I could be. I experienced some chemistry in the last summer in her classroom, Philadelphia, and the whole week learning chemical formulas and periodic table, Abraham was with me, while getting liquids into shape. Then I went to Nazareth to volunteer with her guidance. I credit being careful and safe person to all hospital
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