Influences on Physical Activity

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From the results of our survey that we did, we found that 100% of the people in our age group (15-17 years old) showed that enjoyment was the main factor that encourages them to get involved in physical activity. A reason for this could be that if people enjoy participating in a sport, they are most likely to be motivated to want to succeed and give it their all in whatever sport they are undertaking. Also, by people knowing that they are getting good results in their sports e.g. winning games, this gives them satisfaction and enjoyment to motivate them to train and work towards gaining more success. Another factor as to why people said that enjoyment was what encouraged them to participate in physical activity could be because with some sports, especially team sports, enjoyment can be gained through developing friendships. This means that if they are enjoying themselves while exercising, they are often having a good time, share a few laughs with one another, and motivate each other to succeed. Either way, by socialising with other people while participating in physical activity, can assist in enjoying physical activity. From the survey we did of the school leavers (18-25 year olds) we found that 80% of the girls participated in physical activity for their health. A reason for this could be that they want to maintain their body image, keep themselves fit and active, rather than put on weight. By having a nice body shape, often makes girls feel good about themselves, and as they receive compliments about their body, this can motivate them to keep doing some sort of physical activity to maintain their body. We also found in our survey that 75% of men in the school leavers group participated in physical activity due to health, enjoyment and social interaction. A reason for this could be that men seem to enjoy participating in physical activity when they are with

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