Influences Of Tools And Technology On The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire has developed largely influential arts mainly expressed in sculpture and paintings, mosaic works and architectural designs. The influence of tools and technology in this civilization art was mainly seen in sculpture, architecture, and visual arts. The Roman Empire developed most advanced set of technology of their time specifically with the civil engineering and construction materials which mostly were influenced by Etruscan civilization and some from Greek civilization. The flourishing gold during that period was made used in many of their metal works which were used as materials for architectural design creations. Marbles were artistically used in building constructions. Marble paintings and sculptures were also common. It is also during the Roman Empire that bricks were made which became popularly used in constructions. That was the era of Emperor Augustus where Rome which was used to be a city of marble was turned to be a city of brick. The era made many refined brick makers and craftspeople. Along with bricks for construction, terra-cotta figurines fashioned at the temples also became common. With ample raw materials, the craftspeople made the Celtic tradition of exquisite metalworking which was used in arts and architectural designs. From the bricks, architectural buildings, roads, and bridges construction further developed into using concrete using cements made from pozzolanic ash and an aggregate made from pumice. During the first centuries, the Roman Empire were able to develop and refine many great technologies of their time including concrete, cranes, wagon technology, domes, arches in building practice, and glass blowing among others things. The glass technology has made influences in their art. Paintings and visual arts were seen to include glassworks such as that wall painting in the Roman Villa Boscoreale in Italy which beautifully

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