Influences of Internet on Our Society Essay

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Influences of Internet on Our Society When I was in middle school, Internet first appeared in my country and became so popular between young people. I still remembered the first time I sat on the computer and explored a whole new world. That was so interesting. Many years have passed, and the technology has developed and progressed more than we could ever think. Being an adult now, I could see that the Internet has more impacts on us than just being an entertainment. Some influences are bad, some are good. However, we cannot deny that the Internet has played a very important in human life. People have said that computers make us lazier and become anti-social since we just want to lie on the couch and play video games. Then the Internet comes, along with Google, creates more and more controversies about it. Some people argue that Google makes us unintelligent by changing the way we think and remember. According to them, our brains rely so much on it. We just need to go on Google and type the key words instead of thinking effectively. Moreover, we remember less information because we know where they can be found. However, other people say that the Internet, especially Google, is not harmful itself. It is simply a search engine that provides the access to knowledge. Besides, it frees up our thinking. People who learn how to use the Internet efficiently will be more successful. Support or resistance the growth of Internet, we have to admit that it has a lot of influences on our society. The explosion of Internet led to the development rapidly of social networking sites and personal blogs such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace… People can stay at home and update their friends’ information fast and conveniently. In fact, the Internet is considered as the way that brings people together. However, there was public opinion that the Internet is a place where discussion is

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