Influences And Motivations On Students

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Influences and Motivations on Students Influences and motivations are necessary in this world to shape characteristics of people and influence their actions. For students, many factors contributing to their actions include things from home, school, and the media. At home, culture plays a big part on the student. It can determine what the student eats, what the student wears, and how the student perceives the world based on the student’s parents. At school, most students act in a very affected manner. For example, a student with a group of friends nearby may act like the way the group acts. The student may say or do things he or she doesn’t usually do in other situations. This can also link to peer pressure. Additionally, media will impact students who watch television, movies, and other sources of entertainment whether it may be beneficial or not. Models on television can affect how students think of their body and certain movies and television shows can give students the wrong view on violence. While family culture may reflect on how the student dress and eat, the stability of the household will be the wild card on how students tend to act. A healthy relationship at home is defined as a family easy to communicate to and being able to trust one another. This allows students to feel more secure about themselves and the way they feel. A corrupted or an unhealthy family can impact a student very negatively. The student’s parents might be divorced or the parents simply don’t have time to spend time with their child. An unhealthy parental relationship may lead to extreme situations such as divorce and that would inflict unneeded pain toward the student. They may not be able to cope with it and stop doing homework, and earn bad grades not because they are inept, but they do not have any support. Studies also show that neglected children will join gangs to feel as they

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