Influencer: the Power to Change Anything

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Introduction Everyone faces challenges in their personal, work, and community lives. Although these challenges vary in intensity, pervasiveness, and type, all require influence to solve. Rather than surrender to circumstances, assuming these situations are beyond one’s control, individuals can learn and apply influence strategies to bring about desired change. In Influencer, the authors provide readers with a collection of powerful influence strategies that can be combined to make such change inevitable. Using real-world examples from expert influencers who have discovered solutions to some of society’s most challenging problems, combined with theory from several of the world’s most renowned social scientists, the authors propose six sources of influence that can be harnessed to effect lasting change. Part I: The Power To Change Anything When individuals face challenges in any domain of their lives, they often follow the advice of an often-cited prayer. Namely, they ask for serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the thing they can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Unfortunately, prematurely seeking such serenity can be problematic. Individuals often attempt a only a few feeble change strategies before determining that things are out of their influence, at which point they stop trying to solve the problem. The concern with this approach is that most of the problems faced by individuals on a daily basis – and even those faced by nations or societies – are entirely solvable. According to the authors, “…these problems don’t require solutions that defy the laws of nature; they require people to act differently.” Although many people aren’t experienced at changing the behaviors of others in such a way, there are fortunately experts in the world who do it on a daily basis. And although perhaps not all have the potential to
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