Influenced Modern Democracy

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There were several instances throughout history that significantly influenced modern democracy. Greeks, Romans, Judaism, and Christianity contributed to democracy in several unmistakable ways. Some of the many things that they contributed were the concept of direct and indirect democracy. Other things they contributed were the creations of the Twelve Tables and the Ten Commandments. Another just as important contribution was the development of a constitution. The idea of everyone having equal treatment was as well an ingenious idea that was created by them that would later influence democracy. Many other important things were also contributed to democracy but those were just the minimal and the basic few. The Greeks contributed a lot to democracy. An impeccable example of this is that, “Athenian leader Cleisthens introduced a constitution or plan to govern.”(Mejia’s notes). This lucidly displays their ideological advancements for their time to have a written plan or outline structure for a government through democracy. Although, this was something entirely new and unheard of, it was the basis that contributed significantly to the development of today’s successful democracy. Although this was a monumental contribution, the Greeks also developed an ideology which is of utmost importance today to the function of democracy in the United States. This is simply shown in Mejia’s notes, “First to think of 3 branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.” (Mejia’s notes). Those 3 branches as simple as they may seem are crucial to democracy today. Last but certainly not least, they “developed theatre, the Olympic games, philosophy, democracy, and individualism.”(Mejia’s notes). This is just a prime insight to the depth of the contributions that the Greeks made. Not only was Greek a big part of democracy but Rome it self played a big part of it too. For instance, “450
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