Influence of Visual Media

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Influence of Visual Media Tamara Falls HUM/176 Influence of Visual Media In this paper I will be explaining the interrelationship between culture and visual entertainment media. Ever since film and then television was introduced, there have been many movies and TV shows that have displayed our culture over the years. I feel that people can relate more and learn more about our culture by visually seeing it happen instead of just reading about it. For example, when I was in high school, my history teacher always had us watch “The History” channel instead of always reading in the textbook. He noticed our grades got better tremendously since the videos. I sometimes feel that I am there while watching movies or documentaries about our history. I feel these different forms of visual entertainment have shaped American culture and its values. The influence of these movies and TV shows how examined a certain way for people who watch them to act differently. For example, Marilyn Monroe was a celebrity in the past who was admired by many men and women. She displayed sex appeal but with taste and class. Now a days, pretty much all celebrities are taking the sex appeal way too far and leaving nothing a secret. I believe that the social influences of the visual entertainment media have had both positive and negative affect on our culture. I believe change is always good but not all that change that has been made over the past ten years. In a positive way, technology has advanced when it comes to the movies about our history are more realistic and people can relate a lot more. In a negative way, I feel the media period is destroying our younger generation. Children are “looking up to” their “role models” who are celebrities that are very inappropriate. Sex is about the only thing used now a days to sell anything. I feel that soon we will not need a brain for anything.

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