Influence of Visual Media

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Krista Hart HUM/176 Influence of visual media paper When we think of visual media and films we think of the entertainment value. If you look at the newspaper this was our way of media and how it started to shape American culture and its value. When pictures became moving pictures this was the end of newspapers. I feel this is also why media and news reporters focus now on the entertainment value instead of the actual facts. I rarely believe entertainment magazines or celebrity gossip until I visually see it in the news or in the newspaper. Just because it no longer is about the facts it is about how much money can I get for this article or this photo. To me this is sad and makes me think people forgot what it means to really investigate the facts. With the end of newspapers we opened a new door to evolution of American culture. It started with non-talking films and just expanded from there to talkies to color films to today’s film market of action packed films. While most of us look for movies we can relate to we still feed off of a film that can keep us on the edge of our seats. Take horror and thriller movies, we thrive on the scare factor we can get from a film. I personally enjoy the scare factor to me this sells me faster than the comedy or love films. But I do miss the actual research and truth in films and visual media. We seem to learn and believe things if we can visually see them. I think this a the difference between positive and negative effects of media and films. In the social aspect this has had a positive effect with media sales and fueled America financially. But I think it has a negative effect because we are constantly pointing the finger at who is responsible for a person’s actions. Take video games for example when a person goes on a killing spree they blame a newly released game and the mature nature of violence in the game as a reason why
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