Influence of Managerial Behaviors

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Running Head: Influence of Managerial Behaviors Influence of Managerial Behaviors Brian Bystrom University of Phoenix Abstract Influence of Managerial Behaviors, this memo will address how a manager’s behavior can influence a worker’s productivity. How important it is for a manger’s behavior to be within the employment laws. The important it is for managers to utilize diversity best practices in today’s work place. Effects of Managerial Behavior These are the 5 areas we are trying to control within an employee’s behavior are, perceived job autonomy, job efficacy, perceived manager sentiment, global satisfaction and turnover intentions. It is every manager’s goal to have happy and productive employees, however we know that often it is short changed to having productive employees and we stop there. We, as managers, need to focus on running a business efficiently as possible. This includes making positive strides in these 5 areas. “Studies have shown that employees are more likely to prefer and benefit from a management style that encourages employee participation, input and innovation (Bass, 1998; Church and Waclawski, 1999). Similarly, research on leader-member exchange (LMX) has shown that positive leader-follower work relationships are predictive of work-related outcomes such as job performance, satisfaction with supervisor, commitment, and turnover intentions (Gerstner and Day, 1997)” (Jennifer A. Rooney, 2008). What this means to us is that our actions as managers have been proven to play a major role in these behaviors. Workers do respond to positive input, feeling like part of the team, accepting input and ideas. Participation in general builds positive behavior. Managers need to keep these qualities in mind and find ways they can make these work throughout their work day. Staying Within Employment Laws Staying within

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